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The Forward Tilt Stool is an essential item for any therapy room and is used by both children with physical disabilities and a therapist.

Children who experience weak trunk and upper limb muscles, low tone in their trunk and/or upper limbs can use the Forward Tilt Stool to practice stability, build trunk, head and neck control and build upper limb strength during therapy sessions. For children who have the ability to support themselves by placing their feet on the ground, the Forward Tilt Stool can be used to practice trunk control and stability. The angle of the stool allows a gravity assisted strong anchor point for the feet. They can then practice lateral, forward/back and rotational activities prescribed by the therapist to build strength and stability in their trunk. Children can also lie on the stool on their stomach with the forward tilt down toward their head. This forces the children to use their upper limbs to support themselves with gravity and to push up and lift their head against gravity.

In conductive education the Forward Tilt Stool is very useful for children who can weight bear. These children can sit on the Stool with a Ladder Back Chair in front on them. With or without therapist support, they can engage with the activity practicing upper limb reach and stability.

For many reasons, a therapist is often required to sit at a low level with a child.

Therapy including goal-directed therapy, bimanual therapy and fine motor skill development may require hand over hand techniques to be used. The Forward Tilt Stool enables the therapist to sit behind the child adjusting the height to be low enough to minimize or alleviate poor therapy posture (eg curving the spine) that can put the therapist at risk of injury. The stool assists the therapist to push their feet into the ground, providing a solid base of support from which to conduct therapy sessions with a child.


The Forward Tilt Stool is a height-adjustable therapy stool with a forward tilt position.

The Forward Tilt Stool comes in four sizes, each with different height adjustability.

Finish & Colour Choice

Our Australian Made Forward Tilt Stool is constructed using a powder-coated, welded steel frame. The base is polished commercial grade plywood and covered  in easy-to-clean, durable, high-quality vinyl.

The stool is height adjustable and the telescopic legs can be moved using positively located grub screws by the use of an Allen key to ensure stability.

The frame comes in your choice of colour.

Technical Specifications

Small Medium Large Extra Large
Seat Size 320 W x 240 D 370 W x 350 D 370 W x 350 D 400 W x 400 D
Height range 170 min to 240 max 220 min to 350 max 300 min to 450 max 350 min to 550 max