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The CAP Posture Chair is suited to children with physical disabilities, varying muscle tone, sensory processing or distractibility issues, feeding or swallowing difficulties, and children who are short in stature.

Ensuring your child is well supported enables them to easily participate in tabletop activities and tasks. With appropriate support your child is less likely to fatigue, will be able to sit and concentrate for longer, and thus get more enjoyment and benefit out of their activities.

For a child who uses a wheelchair, the CAP Posture Chair provides a great alternative from their wheelchair. It provides opportunity to move out of their wheelchair but still feel well supported in another seat during the day. The Posture Chair allows your child to sit at regular classroom tables alongside their peers and join in during circle or library time, instead of being slightly separated by their wheelchair.

The CAP Posture Chair is suitable for messy play, feeding or for a child who has difficulties with saliva control, as it can easily be wiped clean and kept hygienic.


The CAP Posture Chair with height and armrest adjustability and a range of optional components. In general terms, this suits children in kindergarten, preschool, primary school and high school years. The adjustability across the range of the Posture Chair enables your child to keep the same familiar equipment across their school years as they grow and develop by simply upgrading to the next size.

The chair is height-adjustable and the telescopic legs can be moved using positively located pins and secured using finger-tightened setscrews to ensure stability.

The armrests adjust both vertically and horizontally ensuring your child’s elbows are at a comfortable angle. The armrests are made from high-quality hygienic plastic and can be adjusted using finger-tightened setscrews. The armrests can be easily removed to facilitate the transfer of your child.

Accommodating a range of children in a variety of situations is stress-free, as parents, teachers and therapists alike can easily adjust and adapt the chair to ensure any child is well supported and can fully participate in tabletop activities. For added peace of mind, our Posture Chairs have been tested to AS/NZS 4688.3-200 up to 150kg.

Finally add a 650x650mm Cutout Table  for the best adjustable seating and writing combination.

Optional Extras

Importantly, the robust CAP Posture Chair comes with a large range of optional components. These optional components (such as a headrest or castors), combined with the adjustability of the chair, mean obtaining optimum postural support is easy.

Find out more information and specifications of our adjustable options on our Accessories page.

Finish and Colour Choices

The CAP Posture Chair is constructed using a powder-coated, welded-steel frame. The base and backrest of the Posture Chair are constructed using commercial-grade plywood and the cushion is upholstered in easy-to-clean, durable, high-quality vinyl.

The frame and vinyl come in your choice of standard colour combinations. Additional colours are available—ask us for details.

Please select colour options to proceed to quoting or ordering.

Note:- Colours shown are indicative only and may vary from on the actual product

Technical Specifications

Dimensions and weights are provided in the ‘View Technical Specs’ tab below to help you to choose the correctly sized chair for your child. External dimensions and weights enable therapists to plan how the chair can be transported or used in various therapy situations.

CAP Posture Chair Dimensions

 Size (Model)  Pre School
 Maximum user weight  Up to 150 kg
 Seat pad depth  270 mm
 Seat pad width  300 mm
 Back angle  95 Degrees
 Backrest pad width  280 mm
 Backrest pad height  150 mm
 Backrest height (top of seat to top of Backrest)  230 mm
 Seat height (top of seat to floor level)  200 mm (min) to 300 mm (max)
 Height of armrest (from top of the seat to top of armrest)  20 mm (min) to 110 mm (max)
 Width between the armrests  230 mm (min) to 340 mm (max)

The height ranges of both the legs and armrests are manufactured to ensure maximum adjustability without compromising the stability and safety of the chair. It is not recommended to modify the structure or components in any way, as the chair stability will be compromised.

Posture Chair External Dimensions

External dimensions are provided to enable users (eg parents, therapists) to plan for transport of the chair to various settings such as school, home and therapy rooms.

Size (Model)     Pre School
Total weight of chair 5 kg
Total weight of chair fully optioned 12 kg
At minimum adjustability
Height of top of Backrest 420 mm
Width (arms in) 370 mm
Depth 385 mm
At maximum adjustability
Height of top of Backrest 515 mm
Width (arms out) 480 mm
Depth 410 mm

The Posture Chair complies with the relevant requirements of AS/NZS 4688.2-2000 and AS/NZS 4688.3-2000 for user mass up to 150 kg.

Download the Child Seated Dimension Sheet further below to assist you in deciding the size of the most suitable chair.

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Additional information

Vinyl Upholstry Colours

Chilli Red, Dove Grey, Grape Purple, Mantis Black, Mint Green, Noosa Blue, Quote no colour selected, Regatta Blue, Troppo Pink

Powder Coat Colours

Black Satin, Blue, Cream – White Birch, Olde Pewter, Quote no colour selected, White Satin