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The Resonance Board is designed to give the child a reinforced stimulation every time they move. Objects are placed around the child’s body, under their feet, hands and head. Every time the child moves, consciously or not, they will come into contact with something which will produce a sound. On account of the plywood, this sound will remain long enough for the child to become aware of it and be motivated to act again.

Many children have learnt new movements, to raise their heads, to grasp objects, to push objects and to move themselves from one point to another through the use of the Resonance Board.

Our 1300 x 700mm Resonance board is made specifically to suit old & new Little Rooms.

Maximum user weights for resonance boards:

1300mm x 700mm = 20kg

1200mm x 1200mm = 50kg

1500mm x 1200mm = 50kg