Adjustable Height Free Standing Ladder




Our free standing height adjustable ladder can be used for activities that encouraging weight bearing on your child’s lower limbs. They can hold on to the ladder, with an adult behind them (often supporting them at the hips) to increasing their standing tolerance. Weight bearing is beneficial as it assists with increasing bone density, increasing muscle strength and of course the ability to stand, stabilize and rely on the lower limbs. The Ladder can also be used for weight-shift exercises, encouraging children to shift their weight between their legs whilst holding onto the ladder for support. We can custom make a ladder to suit you needs so call or email us with details of your individual situation.

Please Note that this ladder are not for climbing. If you need a ladder for climbing see our Triangle Ladder Here. We can also make ladders that can be climbed so email us with the details for a quote.

Technical Specifications

Adjustable height ladder – 600 wide x 900 deep. Adjustable Height from 1000 to 1500mm Maximum User Weight 50kg

If you require a ladder for larger children, email us the details and we can make a custom ladder to suit your requirements.