Paediatric Folding Wheelchair

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Our CAP Paediatric Folding Wheelchair is the perfect low cost chair for your growing child. We all know how fast kids grow, so our chair is the perfect, simple no fuss chair to use until your child transitions into a more permanent chair.

Need a second chair for Kindy, Grandma’s house or a backup chair to leave in the car for shopping? Our chair is the perfect second chair for those other situations.

The CAP Paediatric Folding Wheelchair is available in two sizes – Medium and Large

The wheelchair comes fully assembled with only the footplate to be added after unboxing. Foam filled tyres mean no punctures and low maintenance.

Features of the CAP Paediatric Folding Wheelchair:

  • Self propelled or attendant propelled
  • Flip up armrests
  • Main wheel brakes
  • Fold up height adjustable footrest
  • Front wheels solid
  • Rear wheels foam filled spoked non marking tyres (20″ small / 22″ medium)
  • Handy seat back pouch for knick knacks
  • Folds for storage
  • Optional anti tippers available for medium wheelchair (comes on the large chair)

Additional features on our large CAP Paediatric Folding Wheelchair:

  • Detachable and elevating footrest included as standard
  • Anti Tippers

Need a table to go with your Wheelchair?

Our medium chair fits perfectly with our 750 Cutout Table.

Technical Specifications

Both the medium and large chairs are only available in black (blue chairs are no longer available).

Overall chair width (in use) 54 cm 67cm
Chair width (folded) 32cm 37cm
Seat width 35cm 41cm
Seat depth 38cm 41cm
Seat height 42cm 53cm
Seat to footplate 30cm – 40cm
Rear wheel diameter 56cm /22 inch 60cm / 24inch
Front wheel diameter 15cm / 6 inch 20cm / 8inch
Total wheelchair height 85cm 92cm
Total length 97cm 105cm
Maximum user weight 100kg 110kg
Wheelchair weight 13kg 17kg