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The Ladder Back Chair is an essential item for any therapy room that caters for children with physical disabilities. The Ladder Back Chair is used in a therapy setting for Conductive Education programs, alternate occupational therapy or physiotherapy.

Children with physical disabilities need this product to increase movement and participate in therapy activities. The Ladder Back Chair is used for passive movement to promote and strengthen active movement. Under the guidance of a qualified occupational therapist or physiotherapist the use of the Ladder Back Chair in therapy sessions is endless.

The ladder of the chair is used by the child either by facing the ladder with a therapist sitting on the seat facing the child, sitting on the seat with the ladder to the side and sitting on the seat with the ladder in front (requires ability abduct legs).  Depending on the physical or postural needs of the child, the child could be standing facing the ladder, seated on a Forward Tilt Stool or a Plinth or supported by a parent/therapist.  In various positions the Ladder Back Chair is used for reach, extension and grasp exercises of the upper limbs, sit to stand exercises and practice of active stepping.

The Ladder Back Chair is useful in many therapy situations and well utilised by therapists trained in Conductive Education. Therapists and children who use the Ladder Back Chair may also need our Forward Tilt Stool to assist with their therapy.


The Ladder Back Chair comes in two sizes – 5 rung or 8 rung.

The steel chair is height adjustable and the zinc-plated telescopic legs can be moved using positively located grub screws by the use of an Allen key to ensure stability. This adjustability allows for a range of children to use the chair whilst maintaining firm foot placement on the ground.

Finish & Colour Choice

The steel Ladder Back Chair has a seat base of polished commercial grade plywood with a powder-coated welded steel frame. The seat is upholstered in a high-density non-slip EVA foam.  The chair has four height adjustable legs anchored on 2 timber sliders and the ladder is a steel extension of the chair frame.  The frame comes in your choice of colour.

EVA comes in black only.

Technical Specifications

Specifications are provided for both the child and the therapist. External dimensions and weights enable therapists to plan how the chair can be transported or used in various therapy situations.

Steel Ladder Back Chair Dimensions

Size (Model) Small (SNO4A) Large (SNO4B)
Seat pad depth 240 mm 300 mm
Seat pad width 320 mm 350 mm
Seat height (top of seat to floor level) 190 mm (min) to 260 mm (max) 235 mm (min) to 365 mm (max)
Number of rungs  5  8
Space between rungs  70 mm  70 mm
First rung height  215 mm to 265 mm  295 mm to 425 mm
Top rung height  495 mm to 545 mm  785 mm to 1015 mm

Steel Ladder Back Chair External Dimensions

Size (Model) Small (SNO4A) Large (SNO4B)
Total weight of stool  5 kg  7 kg
Width  320 mm  360 mm
Depth  430 mm  525 mm
Height  535 mm to 585 mm  795 mm to 925 mm

Download the Child Seated Dimension sheet below to assist you in deciding the size of the most suitable chair.

Additional information

Powder Coat Colours

Black Satin, Blue, Cream – White Birch, Olde Pewter, Quote no colour selected, White Satin