Essef Sprung Board


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The Essef Board is part of Dr Lilli Nielsen’s Active Learning approach and range of specialised equipment. The board is largely used in therapy situations for children with visual impairment, low vision, sensory processing issues and children who are developmentally challenged.

The Essef Board is designed to encourage movement and develop strength in both upper and lower limbs. Children are able to push against one side of the board with either their hands or feet and receive some tactile feedback from the board. For many children, these movements may start off as unintentional but can move to repetitive and perhaps develop further to meaningful movement over time.

The benefit with the Essef Board is the feedback it provides. This is essential for children with visual impairment or low vision and children with sensory processing difficulties who are trying to make sense of where their bodies are in space. The more tactile input required in using the Essef Board can also be useful for children with autistic tendencies to help them reach their sensory threshold.

The Essef Board can be used on the floor, hung against a wall and placed under a child supported on a Support Bench, HOPSAdress or smiliar. It can also be used as the kick plate for a child lying in a hammock. Different materials of tactile or auditory quality can be placed on top of the board to encourage the child to explore using their hands or feet, as well as to learn more leg or arm movements.


The Essef Board is a wooden version of an inner sprung mattress. Two wooden boards are held together by large coiled springs.  Our Essef board is 595mm x 380mm and 220mm high uncompressed. It can stand directly on the floor or be hung on a wall.

Finish and Colour

The Essef Board is constructed with polished commercial grade plywood and large steel springs. The plywood is finished in kindergarten grade approved lacquer.