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Our Multi Function Activity Table (MFAT (designed by Lilli Nielsen)) is part of our Active Learning range of products. The MFAT allows your child to engage in a range of activities that can promote hand eye coordination using the entire surface as a perceptual field. The MFAT also provides a variety of arrangements as learning environments by using the included trays in a number of different ways.

Using the trays and hinged shelf, along with found objects, the MFAT can provide enriched perceptual fields, promoting the development of manipulative skills and spacial perception and the higher order skills of selection, integration, organization, categorization and symbolization. The MFAT comes with a standard selection of trays that allow for activities with water, paint, yoghurt, whiteboard markers etc.

Included in your MFAT kit are 3 – Plastic Trays of varying shapes , 1 – Metal Tray, 2 – Velcro Compatible Trays & 1 – Whiteboard tray to enable a range of interesting learning opportunities.

Our MFAT can be used in three modes:

1.  On an existing table for easy setup and storage

2.  As a floor sit setup used with a cushion or a Corner Chair Height from floor to top of MFAT = 320mm with 200mm of clear space underneath

3.  As a stand alone height adjustable table for use with a Posture Chair.

Technical Specifications

Height from floor to top of MFAT = 450mm – 700mm, with 350mm – 600mm clear space underneath

Our MFAT is a compact 900mm Wide (855mm table sit) x 520mm Deep to fit small work spaces and tables.

It is now constructed from Varnished plywood for greater durability, lighter weight and more pleasing aesthetics.