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The HOPSAdress is part of Dr Lilli Nielsen’s Active Learning approach and included in CAP’s range of specialised equipment. The HOPSAdress is most suited to children who have a limited opportunity to move independently and is particularly useful for children with visual impairment, low visual function and/or children who are developmentally threatened. Your child must have some degree of trunk, head and neck control to use this equipment safely and the Hopsadress must be used with the accompanying Suspension Bar (sold separately).

The HOPSAdress is ideal for use in a therapy or an early intervention school setting. Used in conjunction with the CAP Suspension Bar, Lifting Tackle and an optional tracking system the HOPSAdress is used to encourage your child to move and coordinate movements of their legs and feet whilst being supported in a vertical, non weight-bearing position. In a HOPSAdress children are motivated to move around and experience sensory stimuli placed for their exploration. This assists children to develop and explore their environment.

Whilst suspended in a HOPSAdress your child has their arms and legs free. Children are motivated to begin moving their legs, start to take steps and weight shift in an upright position. Importantly, they can learn to coordinate leg, arm and hand movements without needing strength and stability to support their own body weight.

Some children with sensory processing difficulties who are sensory seeking (often children with Autistic tendencies) may enjoy the HOPSAdress as it provides them with a swing-like or an up-down motion in which to reach their sensory threshold.

The benefits and usage of the Hopsadress are detailed in Dr. Lilli Nielsen publication Early Learning Step by Step (book)


The HOPSAdress is an adjustable trunk harness with a wide adjustable waistband and wide trunk/shoulder straps that connect to webbing straps. Medium and Large sizes also have an adjustable chest strap to keep everything tight and safe. Your child sits in or is placed into the harness, which is secured by an adjustable waist strap. The outward facing area of the waist strap is covered in a soft loop Velcro that enables objects to be fastened to the front of the child. The HOPSAdress comes in three sizes. The harness connects to the CAP suspension bar, which can be connected to lifting tackle or directly onto the optional tracking system or mounting point. The HOPSAdress and CAP Suspension bar may also be used with a hoist if preferred. The HOPSAdress may also be combatable with other hoist suspension bars but please check with us before ordering.

Your child is usually secured in the HOPSAdress whilst seated on a chair or at floor level and then hoisted into a vertical non-weight bearing position using the lifting tackle (or your hoist system).

Once in the HOPSAdress, a child is suspended in a non-weight bearing standing or vertical position. Depending on the child’s movements and the tracking system in place, the child can then move independently to correctly placed environments for exploration, engagement and learning.

The HOPSAdress can be washed in a standard washing machine and hung out for drying. Use of a dryer or dry cleaning is not recommended.

Our HOPSAdress’ has been independently tested to hold a maximum user weight of 115kg.

We can also supply you with a custom tracking system suited to your individual requirements so please contact us for further information and pricing.

Finish and Colour

The HOPSAdress made from heavy-duty cream coloured calico with inbuilt foam padding for added comfort and blue edging. The  strapping is reinforced and sewn from black industrial nylon webbing. The waist and chest strap is adjustable using a side release buckle.

Technical Specifications

Hip Width (cm) Body Length (cm)
Small 20 – 30 25 – 35
Medium 30 – 40 35 – 45
Large 40 – 60 40 – 50