Therapy Bench

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The CAP Therapy Bench is made especially for kids.

The bench is ideal for therapy use in the clinic, at home or school. It is perfect for therapy sessions where children who do not need back support while sitting, enabling their feet to rest on the floor.

Our Free Standing Ladder compliments the therapy bench, helping children transition from sitting to standing.

Its height can be easily adjusted to assist with sitting and standing training. The seat can also be tilted to help with pelvic positioning, improving spinal alignment and postural activation.

Finish & Colour Choice

Our Australian Made Forward Therapy Bench is constructed using polished commercial grade plywood, with the seat covered  in easy-to-clean, durable, high-quality vinyl.

Technical Specifications

Small Medium Large
Seat 650mm x 270mm 700mm x 305mm 800mm x 365mm
Height Range 175mm to 275mm 275mm to 425mm 400mm to 550mm

Maximum user weights:

Small = 30kg

Medium = 50kg

Large = 75kg

You can download and complete the Therapy Bench Technical Specifications sheet below, send to us and we will assist you in choosing the most suitable Therapy Bench for your child.


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