Courtney Bed

Top Mesh Panel and Exterior Padding can be added at initial purchase or anytime after. Tubing Port can only be added with initial purchase, can not be added after.
Top Mesh Panel and Exterior Padding can be added at initial purchase or anytime after. Tubing Port can only be added with initial purchase, can not be added after.
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CAP Furniture are the Australian supplier of the Courtney Bed, manufactured by Courtney Bed, Inc in the United States

The Courtney Bed is specifically designed to keep your child safe and secure while sleeping. A great alternative to a traditional enclosed hospital bed.

The Courtney Bed bed frame is hand-crafted from solid hardwood. There is no metal, PVC or any other material used.

The sidewalls are heavy-weight material that is strong, flexible and easy to wash. All sidewalls are independent of one another and can be taken out separately.  They are clamped between the wooden frame members creating a secure connection.

The zippered entrance contains a safety feature to remove access to the zipper heads from inside the bed.

The Courtney Bed is supplied with an 20cm (8″) pressure redistribution foam mattress, custom-made to fit perfectly inside the bed frame.  This precision-fit mattress prevents burrowing and eliminates the risk of entrapment.

When inside the Courtney Bed, no wood is exposed, both protecting your child from potential injury from head banging and/or access to chew the wood.

The sub-frame and mattress boards provide a rugged and stable platform, creating a safe place for those that have a need to jump or bounce.

With the combination of the sidewall panels and mattress, the Courtney Bed design addresses the 7-Zones of Entrapment identified by the American FDA, and is FDA registered as a Class I manual hospital bed in the United States. Check out their website information HERE for more details.

Additional options are offered that can be added to any bed.  They include a mesh top, exterior padding and tubing ports.

The Courtney Bed has been used to help loved ones with cognitive disabilities and impairments such as:

Autism Epilepsy Alzheimer’s
Cerebral Palsy Angelman’s Syndrome Huntington’s Disease
Dementia Pitt Hopkins Syndrome Kluver-Bucy Syndrome
Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Down Syndrome Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome

Technical Specifications

Hand-crafted from solid Maine Ash hardwood 20cm custom-made

Pressure redistribution foam

Overall dimensions are:

Length – 214cm

Width – 99cm

Height – 190.5cm

Overall dimensions are:

Length – 203cm

Width – 91cm

Height – 20cm

Sleeping compartment dimensions are:

Length – 203cm

Width – 91cm

Fits firmly and precisely into bed frame to eliminated burrowing

Fire retardant cover

Top of the mattress height from the floor is 60cm

Does NOT articulate up or down


Made from heavy-weight, water resistant/repellent canvas, Double and triple stitched

Windows are made from a heavy-duty knit mesh that is flexible, yet very strong

Both materials have a high burst rating

All sidewalls are independent of one another, can be removed separately for ease of washing

Vertical bumpers line the four corner posts of the bed frame, no wood is exposed inside our bed