Low Rider

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The Low Rider is a children’s trike designed for indoor use and outdoor activities. It provides a means for self-initiated movement and independence in children with mobility challenges.

The Low Rider has been designed to help children discover new skills as well as new friends. The potential for physical and cognitive development was a key factor in the design phase. With independence comes confidence. The Low Rider is easy to control and propel, giving them freedom to explore their world.

Designed for growing children, the Low Rider is simple to use, reliable, and includes adjustments to keep up with any growth. Available in two sizes – Small (recommended for 1 to 2.5 year olds) and Large (recommended by 2 to 5 year olds).

By design, the Low Rider allows your child to easily and independently transfer between the trike and the floor or ground. The front of the trike drops to the floor as they start to transfer either in or out of the trike, with the Low Rider staying in place using the high friction rubber stops that push into the floor keeping it stable for the transfer.  Once your child is seated in the trike, the front will automatically move back into position allow them to start moving.

Low seat height

Interaction with peers is essential to children’s development. The Low Rider provides a seat height as low as 200mm. This allows them to interact at eye level and easily transfer between the trike and the floor during playtime.

Play, explore and participate

The Low Rider offers children the opportunity to explore their home and play with friends with minimal assistance. It facilities play – a key factor in the early years of development in a child’s life.

A chance to develop

The Low Rider provides an early experience of independence for children. In doing so, they will have opportunities for developing physical, cognitive, and sensory abilities while having great fun.

Take it anywhere

The Low rider fits in the smallest of vehicles, making it easier than ever to enjoy a number of outdoor activities.

Learning to self-propel

Self-propulsion allows children to explore and interact with their environment. The Low Rider was designed to give toddlers maximum independence by providing them direct access to the front wheels.

Push handle

Each Low Rider comes with a detachable push handle that can be used when your little one isn’t ready or is too tired to self-propel.

Steel frame

The steel frame is light weight yet strong and provides a smooth ride over bumpy terrain. The larger front wheels don’t get stuck and the three-wheeled footprint is stable like a tripod.

Advanced seat cushions

The high grade adjustable Microfiber upholstery gives a supportive ‘hug’.

Technical Specifications

Seat width 230mm 270mm
Seat depth – adjustable 150mm – 212mm 200mm to 250mm
Leg rest length 230mm 310mm
Backrest height 170mm 170mm
Backrest – adjustable 80 / 90 / 100 degrees 80 / 90 / 100 degrees
Dump angle 15 degrees 15 degrees
Big wheels 250mm 300mm
Camber – big wheels 10 degrees 10 degrees
Rear swivel caster 150mm 150mm
Weight – not including push handle 6kg 7kg
Maximum user weight 20kg 25kg
Recommended age group 1 – 2.5 years 2 – 5 years

The Low Rider is not a wheelchair or medical device, it is a recreational mobility toy that is intended for children with a wide range of abilities.