Tablet Mount


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The Tablet Mount allows stable, flexible and safe use of a tablet computer. The mount allows you to attach your tablet computer to any smooth, flat surface, without the need for special brackets or permanent fittings, using strong vacuum pressure for the connection.

The Tablet Mount is perfect for children who have developing or limited upper body coordination or strength. The mount allows a tablet to be securely fixed to a surface such as a Posture Chair Tray, thus reducing the need for the child to use a hand or arm to steady the tablet. The Tablet Mount lets your child use a tablet computer safely, without risk of it falling from the table or their lap so they can simply focus on the enjoyment of actually using the tablet. Importantly the Tablet Mount is actually tough for young fingers to remove keeping its position under your control.

Description and Adjustability

The Tablet Mount is a flexible arm with a vacuum mount on each end. One vacuum mount attaches to the back of your tablet and the other to the surface you wish to attach to. Suitable surfaces include tabletops, CAP chair trays, mirrors, Perspex, whiteboards, windows, laminates, varnished wood and stone bench tops. The flexible arm allows you to position the tablet within easy reach of the user. The tablet remains secure and safe whilst attached and used as recommended. Our Tablet Mount also features a visual warning to let you know when vacuum pressure is low, giving you the opportunity to adjust pressure before you precious device falls to the floor.

The vacuum mounts measure 11.4 cm in diameter and the arm is 18 cm long, bendable to 90 degrees. You can purchase an additional arm if you wish to extend the reach of your Tablet Mount. The Tablet Mount suits any tablet size, so there is no need to change fittings when you upgrade your tablet.

Finish and Colour Choice

The Tablet Mount comes in white or black and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. The Tablet Mount comes in a zippered case for easy storage and transportation.

Technical Specifications