GYMBA Activation Board




Gymba Active Board, designed and manufactured in Finland after extensive research, offers a new, healthier work experience with the opportunity to work, stand and move at the same time.

This revolutionary, patented activation board is made of a unique, ecological composite material. It consists of 45% cellulose and 55% polypropylene (PP). Polypropylene is odourless and kind to the skin with no harmful physiological effects.

Standing on a hard floor may easily cause pain in feet and lower extremities preventing us from standing throughout the working day. GYMBA provides a platform that is easier, smoother and more comfortable to stand on, making standing a more tempting option.

Available in Graphite.


Health Benefits

Increased blood flow
With our feet moving, we increase the blood circulation from the lower extremities, decreasing the risk of varicose veins, oedema and thrombosis.

Improved concentration
The increased blood flow also positively affects our brain function and concentration at work.

Musculoskeletal issues
In many cases, aches, pains and soreness in back, knees, shoulders and arms is significantly reduced, as reported by many users so far in Europe when Gymba has been utilized to increase movement during the working day.

Better fitness
Even if we exercise regularly, introducing more movement during our working day will improve our overall fitness, including muscular strength.

Burning calories
By standing on Gymba and moving feet back and forth in a walking action (see images below) whilst working at desk or workstation, we burn a significant amount of calories as compared to sitting or standing immobile.

Other health benefits
According to research in various institutions, increasing our movement and exercise will decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, fatty liver, cardiovascular diseases, selected cancers and premature death. In many cases, our sleep quality is also improved

How to Use

When working at a standing desk, place Gymba under your feet and continue to work as normal. The board helps you to maintain a correct posture while standing without tiring out your back and feet. To achieve the optimum benefit, utilize the flexibility of Gymba to move your feet back and forth as well as side to side.

Stretching your Back
Turn Gymba upside down and lie on it on your back. While stretching, keep your shoulders back, your arms folded in front of you and avoid tilting your pelvis forward. Or while lying on your back, bend your knees and place your feet on the floor. Tense your abdominal muscles while pressing the lower back slowly against the floor.

Bending your Lower Back
While lying on your back move your knees slowly from side to side while keeping your feet on the floor. Moving your knees lifts your pelvis off the floor and bends your lower back. Start with small movements until you establish how far you can bend your body.


Stretching you Calves
Turn Gymba upside down and rise up on your toes. Move one foot further back, shift your weight to that foot, and rise up to your toes again.


Stretching your Ankles
Place Gymba on the floor and place your feet on the supports. Roll the board from side to side and let the flexible properties of the board to do the work.

Technical Specifications

Width 465mm
Depth 305mm
Height 55mm
Weight 1.5kg
Weight rating 300kg
Construction Natural Fibre Composite
Colour Graphite