Peto Rods


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The CAP Peto Rod is designed to help children with varying tone or spasticity. Peto Rods can help control unwanted or interfering motor movements or to help with stability and posture.

Our Peto Rods combine the extreme holding power of our tablet suction mount with our custom made Peto handles. The suction mount will grip any smooth surface and uses an inbuilt thumb operated pump to create the vacuum. When new, our Peto Rods can maintain their suction for up to three days on a smooth surface. Our Peto Rods have an inbuilt indicator to show you when its time to increase suction ensuring they wont suddenly let go without warning. We’ve even incorporated a mounting point to quickly turn the Peto Rod into a Tablet Mount for extra versatility (Tablet Mount components sold separately). Click Here for more Tablet Mount information.

Technical Specifications

Maximum user weight is 30kg

We can also make custom Peto Rods to suit you situation or even mount Mechanical Switches on table tops or vertical surfaces.