Mobility Stool – Gas Lift

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The Mobility Stool is a valuable tool for therapists, teachers and parents to participate and assist with activities and tasks performed by a child.

Children who have limited upper limb function but good core strength, balance and lower limb strength can also use the Mobility Stool. The Mobility Stool is very maneuverable, making it easy for children to scoot around a small space or house quickly without exerting themselves too much.

A therapist, teacher or parent is often required to sit at a low level with and alongside a child. Our low level Mobility Stool allows an adult to participate in activities with a child and physically assist a child with activities without compromising their own physical safety. The Mobility Stool is perfect for sitting at the same height, directly behind a child with arms around them to direct, guide and support physical movements. The adjustable round Mobility Stool means an adult can ensure they are at the right height to engage with children without unsafe and unnecessary bending.

Because the Mobility Stool is on castors, therapists, teachers and parents can move from side to side and around children, tables and activities to ensure they are in the right place to provide physical supports when necessary.



The round stool is height adjustable using gas lift adjustability and is stable on a five-point non-lockable castor base.

Height range is from 400mm to 500mm


Finish & Colour Choice

The seat is upholstered in easy-to-clean, durable, high quality vinyl so is suitable for messy activities and therapy.

Standard vinyl is black in colour.