Ordering Process

Thank you for your interest in a CAP Furniture product.

We strive to provide you with comprehensive information about our products on this website. However, we do understand that each child is unique and we welcome specific enquiries via email or phone.

You can use our website to place an order or build a quote. We refer to this as our ‘Quote Bag’ as whilst it provides you with the cost of the item or items, it cannot provide you with the cost of customised pieces/adjustments or packing and freight costs.

We take great care with our packing, handling and freight of our furniture. Our years of experience in the industry and our ability to ship anywhere in Australia, means we can always determine the safest and cheapest way to send your items to you but this process cannot be automated (isn’t it nice to know the human brain still does some things much better than a computer!).

Once you have placed an order or made an enquiry (via our ‘Quote Bag’) you will receive an email outlining what you have ordered or enquired about.

A member of the CAP team will then contact you via email providing you with the cost of freight and a final written quote to complete the process. If you have requested any special or custom items a member of the CAP team may also contact you via phone to discuss and clarify your requirements.

When you place an order online, we will not proceed with manufacturing your product until your order requirements and delivery details have been confirmed.