Thoracic / Lateral Supports

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Thoracic or Lateral supports are a valuable component for children with limited trunk control who experience difficulties holding themselves in an upright sitting posture.

Thoracic/Lateral support pads placed either side of the trunk allows for the maintenance of upright sitting posture. With this support the child can spend more time engaging in their environment and daily tasks. Some children can sit upright independently but as they get tired may lean to one side. These children will find Thoracic/Lateral supports fitted to their Posture Chair a useful prompt to re-align themselves.

The use of Thoracic/Lateral supports on a CAP Posture Chair should be used under the guidance of a qualified occupational therapist or physiotherapist to ensure the right size and placement of the supports.

Children who need assistance with sitting may also need a Pelvic Strap or Shoulder Strap fitted to their Posture Chair.

Description & Adjustability

Thoracic/Lateral supports attach to each side of the Posture Chair and come in a size to suit the three different sizes of chair.

The size of each pad can be custom made for each side, allowing you to choose different size pads depending on the support and alignment required. The Thoracic/Lateral supports are easy to adjust using finger-tightened setscrews. They can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to allow for specific adjustments and growth.

Finish & Colour Choice

Each Thoracic/Lateral pad is constructed from commercial grade plywood, high-density foam and is upholstered in easy-to-clean, durable, high-quality vinyl. Each support is connected to the chair with a powder-coated welded steel frame.

The frame and vinyl come in your choice of colours.

Technical Specifications

The Thoracic set will be supplied as a kit to add to your existing chair. The kit will contain everything required to attach to your existing chair but some tools will be required to assemble. Please call or email for more information.

Thoracic / Lateral Supports : Base Posture Chair Size

Option (Thoracic / Lateral Support) Pre School Primary Adolescent
Pad width  110mm  110mm 120mm
Pad height  140mm  140mm 190mm
Height adjustability (from top of seat pad to bottom of thoracic support pad) (min) and (max) (min) and (max) (min) and (max)
Lateral/sideways adjustability (distance between pads) (min) and (max) (min) and (max) (min) and (max)

Additional information

Vinyl Upholstry Colours

Chilli Red, Dove Grey, Grape Purple, Mantis Black, Mint Green, Noosa Blue, Quote no colour selected, Regatta Blue, Troppo Pink

Powder Coat Colours

Black Satin, Blue, Cream – White Birch, Olde Pewter, Quote no colour selected, White Satin