A Headrest supports the achievement of optimal head position for safer involvement in daily living.

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A Headrest is a valuable tool to support children who experience high tone or spasticity with extensor tone patterns, where they tend to extend their back, shoulders or neck backwards when excited, upset or during activity.

The use of the Headrest provides extra support for children who fatigue across a day allowing them to get through the day with less tiredness and greater focus. Additionally, the Headrest can limit extension of a child’s head and neck maximising their safety.  This can be particularly useful during feeding, where it is very dangerous for children to throw their head all the way back.

The use of a Headrest on the CAP Posture Chair should be used under the guidance of a qualified occupational therapist or physiotherapist to ensure safe head and neck position is obtained.

Children with limited trunk, head or neck control may also need Thoracic/Lateral supports or a Pelvic Strap fitted to their Posture Chair.


The Headrest attaches to the Posture Chair and comes in a size to suit the three different sizes of chair.

The Headrest is a padded rigid support and when fitted is in line with the angle of the chair Backrest. The Headrest can be adjusted or removed using finger-tightened setscrews.

Like the chair, the Headrest is suitable for use during messy play and feeding as it can be easily wiped clean and kept hygienic.

Finish and Colour Choice

The Headrest is constructed using a powder-coated welded steel frame. The cushion is upholstered in easy-to-clean, durable, high-quality vinyl.

The frame and the vinyl come in your choice of colours.

Technical Specifications

The Headrest comes with everything required to add to your existing chair. All CAP Posture chairs made since 1998 can have the headrest added, but if your uncertain, call or email to find out more details.

Headrest : Base Posture Chair Size

Option (Headrest) Pre School Primary Adolescent
Width of pad 300 mm 350 mm 440 mm
Height/Depth of pad 145 mm 165 mm 185 mm
Angle in relation to Backrest Pad Same angle as Backrest (95 Degrees) Same angle as Backrest (95 Degrees) Same angle as Backrest (95 Degrees)
Height adjustability (top of seat to top of Headrest; Backrest height is set on minimum for these specifications) 60 mm 90 mm 130 mm

Additional information

Vinyl Upholstry Colours

Chilli Red, Dove Grey, Grape Purple, Mantis Black, Mint Green, Noosa Blue, Quote no colour selected, Regatta Blue, Troppo Pink

Powder Coat Colours

Black Satin, Blue, Cream – White Birch, Olde Pewter, Quote no colour selected, White Satin