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The Footplate is a useful option on a chair for any child with varying muscle tone or physical disabilities, and any child who is short in stature. Additionally, a child who experiences sensory processing or distractibility issues for a variety of reasons will find the solid base of support provided by the Footplate invaluable.

Children eat, work and play in different environments, using different height tables and desks. For upper limb control it is important, that when seated, children are able to rest their elbows on the table. This enables them to access the table or desk and fully participate in the activities with better upper limb control. However, many tables cannot be adjusted; instead the height of the chair must be adjusted leaving the child’s feet hanging. In these situations, an adjustable Footplate is a necessary addition to the child’s CAP Posture Chair.

A child who needs assistance with pelvic positioning may also need a Pommel or Thigh Abductor fitted to their Posture Chair.


The Footplate provides an adjustable solid support base for a Posture Chair.

The Footplate on the CAP Posture Chair is easily adjusted by parents, teachers and therapists alike. The adjustability allows for growth in the child’s legs ensuring, if they are able, they can always achieve the desired 90-degree angle at the knees and ankles.

The Footplate is available to suit the three different sizes of Posture Chair. The Footplate is easy to adjust up and down using a finger-tightened setscrew. Importantly, the Footplate is easy to remove and re-attach, allowing for assisted or independent transfer of the child into the chair.


The Footplate frame is constructed using a powder-coated, welded-steel frame with high-quality, hygienic plastic plate.

Technical Specifications

The footplate will be supplied as a kit to add to your existing chair. The kit will contain everything required to attach the footplate. Some tools will be required depending on the age of your chair. Please call or email for more information.


Option Base Posture Chair Size
  Preschool Primary Adolescent
Width of plate 230 mm 260 mm 340 mm
Depth of plate 180 mm 180 mm 195 mm
Angle of plate to ground Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal
Height(from top of seat to Footplate) 160 mm (min) to 220 mm (max) 220 mm (min) to340 mm (max) 290 mm (min) to440 mm (max)

Additional information

Powder Coat Colours

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