Electric Lift Tables – Low to High Range

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Our Electric Lift Tables can be designed to suit any child or adult whether they are able bodied, have a disability or use a wheelchair.  The one table has the functionality of low to high range (570mm to 1160mm) to be easily adapted to suit the user at the time.

Perfect for at home or in a therapy setting were the table is used by both kids and adults and the height needs to be changed at the touch of a button.

In an ideal world most tables would be height adjustable to achieve a ready sitting posture, a versatile height for the whole family to use and a Sit – Stand work environment. For children a ready sitting posture minimises fatigue and maximises focus and concentration, giving them the greatest chance of participating, completing and enjoying a tabletop activity. For adults a Sit – Stand work environment encourages movement and reduces back pain. You can read more about Sit – Stand HERE

At CAP we supply Electric Lift Tables to suit your needs. Whether it be a table that goes low for seating and high for standing or a table with clear space underneath for easy wheelchair access.

Because we manufacture all our table tops in our Brisbane workshop, we can also make a custom top to suit your requirements. Our tops can be made with custom cutouts, cable ducts, pencil holders and ergonomic shapes and come with handy hooks on the side of the table to hang your headphones or bag.

All of our Electric Lift Tables are steel framed, strong and stable. The table frames we use have minimal plastic components and are engineered to last.

Our Electric Lift Table frames suit most of our standard Square, Rectangle, large Inclusion and Cutout Tables. We also make our Hand Wound Adjustable tables in a range of height adjustments.

Of course making customised tables to suit your individual situation is what we do best. If you can’t find what you need then just ask us. Call or email with the details of your table requirements and we will get back to you with a quote.

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