Saddle Scooter




With the supportive saddle and low-to-the-ground design, this scooter offers more security than a typical ride-on toy. Small children and those with gravitational insecurity can scoot with confidence.  The Saddle Scooter helps strengthen the upper and lower body, improves balance, posture, core strength and coordination and is ideal for children with sensory processing challenges, low tone, ADHD and autism.

The comfortable soft-cell foam construction encourages play and exercise for longer time spans. Supports vestibular therapy and motor planning skills.


Technical Specifications

SmallAge 1.5+    38cm L x 16.5cm W x 13cm H

LargeAge 3+   48cm L x 20cm W x 15cm H

Supports 68kg

Non-marring nylon casters swivel 360 degrees

Made of PU (polyurethane). Latex-free.

Indoor use only