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The Pommel or Thigh Abductor is suitable for children with physical disabilities who experience a variety of movement disorders, fluctuating muscle tone, spasticity or contractures.

Children with limited muscle tone and control may have the tendency to slip forward in a chair. A well-fitted Pommel closes the gap at the back of the chair, securing the child in an upright sitting position. A Pommel is also useful for children who tilt their pelvis by providing more security and stability in an upright position.

A Pommel is also used to position the legs for optimal pelvic position in a ready sitting posture. Children may experience increased tone that pulls the legs tightly together straining other muscles in the legs and hips. Alternatively, children may have loose tone or muscles in the legs and hips resulting in a rolling in of the hips and legs. In both situations the Pommel can be used to gently keep the legs open in an ideal position.

The use of a Pommel on our Posture Chair should be used for improving pelvic position following prescription and under the guidance of a qualified occupational therapist or physiotherapist.

Children who need assistance with pelvic position may need a Pelvic Strap or Shoulder Strap fitted to their Posture Chair.


The Pommel is a wedge shape that can be attached to the front of the seat base of the Posture Chair. It is used to prevent a child slipping forward in the chair and/or keeping a child’s legs in the correct position to maintain a neutral pelvis.

The Pommel comes in a size to suit the three different sizes of CAP Posture Chair. The Pommel is easy to adjust forwards and backwards with finger-tightened setscrews and can be removed to facilitate transfer into and out of the chair.

Finish & Colour Choice

The Pommel is constructed with a powder-coated welded steel frame and a wedge that is upholstered with high-density foam. The wedge can be covered with easy-to-clean, durable, high-quality vinyl in a colour of your choice.

Technical Specifications

The Pommel will be supplied as a kit to add to your existing chair. The kit will contain everything required to attach the Pommel. Some tools will be required depending on the age of your chair. Please call or email for more information.

Pommel : Base Posture Chair Size

Option (Pommel) Pre School Primary Adolescent
Height of pad  60 mm  90 mm  90 mm
Length of pad  90 mm 125 mm 125 mm
Wide end 65 mm 70 mm 70 mm
Narrow end 40 mm 45 mm 45 mm
Space between narrow end and back of seat pad 150 mm (min) to 250 mm (max) 200 mm (min) to 300 mm (max) 220 mm (min) to 320 mm (max)

Additional information

Powder Coat Colours

Black Satin, Blue, Cream – White Birch, Olde Pewter, Quote no colour selected, White Satin

Vinyl Upholstry Colours

Chilli Red, Dove Grey, Grape Purple, Mantis Black, Mint Green, Noosa Blue, Quote no colour selected, Regatta Blue, Troppo Pink