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The Tray is useful for any child with special needs requiring a firm support base from which to participate in daily activities.

Balancing lunch in their lap may be too difficult for some children with physical disabilities or motor planning issues. A Tray on a CAP Posture Chair is a great option to provide a child with a tabletop in any environment.


The Tray is used to provide a supportive base when a bench or tabletop is the wrong height or isn’t practical.

We offer three sizes in the Tray to suit the Preschool and Primary sizes of Posture Chair. The size of the tray and the curve of the internal cutout can be custom-made to suit any child. The Tray has an outer curved lip to prevent objects from being pushed or falling off the Tray. The Tray is connected to the Posture Chair by finger-tightened setscrews and can be easily removed.

Finish and Colour Choice

The Tray is constructed from high-grade, food-quality plastic. It comes in black to reduce glare.

Technical Specifications

Option Base Posture Chair Size
  Preschool Primary Adolescent
Tray width  480  550  650
Tray depth  380  440  500
Radius  240  278  326
Cut-out  128  138  183