Tracking System


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The CAP Tracking System is for use with the CAP Hopsadress. Our system features a Trolley with four nylon wheels and bearings for smoother operation and less noise, and a large eyelet for connecting the tackle blocks. It is also fitted with a hand wheel locking mechanism to lock the trolley into position in the track if required.

As all tracking systems are designed to suit your needs, please call or email to discuss your situation and obtain a quote. The pricing below reflects a basic tracking system but we will provide a firm pricing for you after we receive your quote request,

Please note that we cannot install your tracking system or give advice on the structural suitability of your intended mounting position. We recommend consultation with a builder or other appropriately qualified person before deciding on whether a tracking system is appropriate for you situation. The track (when correctly installed) will accommodate a user weight up to 200kg. Please also consider the height of your mounting position when considering installation. A standard 2.4m ceiling height is generally the lowest practical installation height for the tracking system.